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How to manage lead poisoning

Posted on November 22, 2014 12:24 pm under Product Liability

The effects of lead exposure can be devastating, especially among children in their developmental years. Severe and chronic exposure to lead may inflict irreversible physical, mental and behavioral damages that may ultimately decrease their quality of life. Although the U.S. has already outlawed the use of lead-based paint in toys, toys imported from other counties might not be following the same safety standards, posing a risk of lead toxicity among children who use it.

Removing the source of contamination is the initial step in treating lead toxicity. When a child’s lead level is dangerously high, doctors may recommend chelation therapy to get rid of the toxin. Chelating agents bind the heavy metal so it can be released through either defecation or urination. However, chelation in children has been very controversial due to serious medical consequences associated with it, including death.

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