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Steps to prevent crane accidents

Posted on November 26, 2014 9:24 am under Construction Accident

Crane accidents may lead to serious physical injuries, such as broken bones, damaged spinal cord, electrocution, brain damage, paralysis, and tragically, even death. These accidents may happen due the crane’s problematic design or manufacturing defect. Sadly, it can also be a result of an employer’s negligence in ensuring that only quality equipment is being utilized at the work site.

Employers, crane operators, and workers present at the work site should all work hand-in-hand to reduce the likelihood of a crane accident. In ensuring crane safety, remember these five E’s:

  • Ensure that the work site is free of any hazards that may increase the likelihood of crane accidents
  • Establish an emergency plan during each crane operation
  • Entrust crane operation only with qualified workers
  • Employ only quality cranes with the lifting capacity appropriate for the type of job
  • Educate workers about crane operation hazards and safety

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