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Rigid bronchoscopy for aspiration

Posted on December 3, 2014 9:22 am under Defective Child Care Products

Aspiration is the lodging of a foreign body along the air passage. Some cases of aspiration have been associated with defectively designed or manufactured toys, where components detach and choke children who play with it.

During aspiration, doctors may perform rigid bronchoscopy to remove the foreign object. Rigid bronchoscopy involves inserting a long, hollow tube called bronchoscope inside the mouth and into the airway to see what the lodged object is. The bronchoscope will then be used to suction the lodged object out of the airway.

Because this invasive procedure involves the use of anesthesia, muscle pain and a change in blood pressure might be felt. Bleeding, infection, breathing disorders, and heart rhythm abnormalities may also occur during or after the procedure.

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