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What is chronic periodontitis?

Posted on December 9, 2014 4:47 pm under Medical Malpractice

Periodontium refers to the structure that surrounds and holds the teeth. When these specialized tissues become inflamed, periodontitis may occur. Periodontitis is characterized by the accumulation of bacteria below the gum line. The bacteria then produces toxins that triggers the immune system to attack the affected gum. This progressive reaction of the immune system would eventually destroy more gum tissues, forming deep spaces between the tooth and the gum which may ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Unfortunately, chronic periodontitis can sometimes be the result of negligent dental care. An ill-fitting denture, unnecessary dental procedures, and improperly performed dental implantation may all result in chronic periodontitis. In some cases, dental professionals also fail to determine factors that may result in this oral health condition.

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