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How medical malpractice may cause cerebral palsy

Posted on December 11, 2014 2:47 pm under Medical Malpractice

Cerebral palsy is a life-long movement control impairment that can be the result of an injury in an infant’s brain before or during its delivery. Unfortunately, many cases of cerebral palsy have been linked to medical malpractice, wherein a medical professional failed to exercise his or duty with sufficient care and attention.

A negligent medical professional might be committing medical malpractice if he or she fails to ensure that circumstances will not harm the baby and cause him or her to develop cerebral palsy. Common medical mistakes that may cause cerebral palsy are:

Before birth

  • Failure to identify the mother’s underlying health conditions that may increase the risk of cerebral palsy
  • Failure to detect conditions that may affect the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain, such as umbilical cord prolapse

During birth

  • Delayed withdrawal of the child from the birth canal, which causes a shortage of oxygen in the brain
  • Forceful use of forceps
  • Unnecessary and inappropriate use of vacuum
  • Failure to perform C-section when needed

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