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Treatment approaches for recto-vaginal fistulas

Posted on December 17, 2014 11:25 am under Product Liability

Mild cases of fistulas oftentimes heal without the need for surgery or medication. When the fistula is infected, doctors may recommend taking antibiotics to fight against the infectious agents. For fistulas that need to be closed through surgery, doctors would have to wait three to six months to ensure that the tissues surrounding the fistula are healthy and not swollen.

The aim of recto-vaginal fistula surgery is to close the connection between the rectum and the vagina, which can be done using any of these techniques:

  • Using a healthy tissue flap or graft to cover the fistula opening
  • Sewing a patch of biological tissue to plug the opening
  • When the tissues surrounding the fistulas are unfit for surgery, a colostomy should be performed first before closing the fistula

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