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The complications of umbilical cord strangulation

Posted on January 1, 2015 2:29 pm under Medical Malpractice

Considered the infant’s life source inside the mother’s womb, the umbilical cord delivers the nutrient and oxygen-rich blood from the mother’s placenta to the fetus. There are instances when the umbilical cord coils around a baby’s neck. This condition is called nuchal cord. When the nuchal cord is tight, it may strangulate the fetal neck, causing a myriad of different health complications and even death if not promptly detected.

During umbilical cord strangulation, the baby does not get the nutrients its body needs. This may result in life threatening medical conditions, such as brain damage and organ failure. Unfortunately, some instances of umbilical cord strangulation could have been prevented if the medical practitioner had not been negligent in assessing the nuchal cord’s risk of strangulating the fetal neck.

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