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The dangers associated with farm mowers

Posted on January 12, 2015 4:47 pm under Product Liability

Mowers are an important piece of farm equipment used for maintenance involving cutting grass and other plants. A mower is powered by the tractor’s engine through a power take-off drive shaft. However, mowers have also been involved in a number of farm-related accidents, such as PTO entanglement, contact with a moving mower blade, being hit by a mower projectile, rollovers, falls, and run-overs.

Unfortunately, a number of these cases have been associated with machine failure due to manufacturing defects. Other possible causes of a mower-related incident are:

  • Allowing too many riders
  • Coming in contact with the implement’s moving parts (PTO, blades)
  • Operating at higher speed, especially on a steep slope or uneven ground
  • Failure to maintain and repair the equipment
  • Servicing the mower and its PTO while the engine is turned on and the brakes are not employed
  • Using the mowers on growths beyond its capacity

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