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What causes farm tractors to overturn?

Posted on January 12, 2015 11:47 am under Product Liability

Farm tractors are important equipment used for various purposes on a farm. However, they are also regarded as among the most dangerous of all farm machinery, accounting for several hundreds of farm injuries and deaths in the country every year. Unfortunately, some of these incidents could have been prevented if the farm equipment manufacturer had not failed to ensure the quality of their product.

One of the most common tractor-related accidents in farms is a rollover. It is caused by a sudden, improper change of the machine’s center of gravity. Apart from an ill-designed and poorly manufactured tractor, the possible causes of tractor overturn are inappropriate weight load, improper loading and hitching, operating close to ponds, embankments, or any other depressions in the ground, operating on a very steep slope, or operating at high speed.

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