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Wisconsin seeks to set 70 mph speed limit on freeways

Posted on January 28, 2015 9:02 pm under Car Accidents

A bill was recently proposed in Wisconsin that seeks to increase the current speed limit on freeways by five miles per hour (mph), FOX 21 reported on January 21.

Reports said since Wisconsin is one of only 12 states that impose a 65 mph on major freeways, lawmakers in this session assembly will attempt to raise the limit to 70 mph. Lawmakers who backed the bill stated that they are trying to increase efficiency on the freeways. In Superior City, however, local authorities believe that increasing the speed limit on the freeways will translate to increased deaths and injuries, as one fourth of fatal accidents in Wisconsin are already caused by speeding drivers. Lawmakers are currently pushing to pass the raised speed limit, although last year’s Senate failed to approve this measure.

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