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What you need to know about stair angles

Posted on February 12, 2015 10:15 am under Premises Liability

Stairs are among the most common sites of accidents and deaths in residential and commercial spaces. There are many factors that could increase the risk of stair-related incidents. Unfortunately, such incidents could have been prevented if the establishment owner had not failed to ensure that the stairs are free from any hazard that could compromise safety.

One way to improve stair safety is to check if the angle of the stair is safe enough for use. Stairs with a steep angle have a very short run (the length of stair surface) and a very high rise (the height of steps). Stairs like this could trigger trips and falls and may cause injurious accidents. Stairs with an angle of 30 to 35 degrees are considered conventional, although some stairs have shallower rises to make them more friendly to people with disabilities.

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