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Thousands of GM vehicles with faulty power steering recalled

Posted on February 23, 2015 10:09 pm under Automotive Defects

American automaker General Motors (GM) recently issued a recall to fix the power steering of over 81,000 vehicles, an article on syracuse.com stated February 14.

According to reports, the recall affects at least three previous models of GM vehicles. If the power steering becomes faulty, operators of the affected vehicles will hear a chime and will see a message on the vehicle’s Driver Information Center. This means that at lower speeds the driver may need to exert unusual force to control the vehicle as a result of the problem. Though there were no incidents of deaths or injuries before GM issued the recall, they are aware of one crash due to the problem. To address the faulty power steering, GM dealers will install a new wiring and a new sensor assembly to the defective vehicles.

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