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Possible causes of hepatitis A

Posted on March 1, 2015 9:08 am under Product Liability

Hepatitis A is an infection of the liver caused by ingesting food or drinks that are contaminated with fecal matter. Hepatitis A virus, although self limiting, may cause symptoms that could result in days off work and sometimes even hospitalization. Swimming in pools contaminated with hepatitis A virus could result in contracting the disease, although there are a lot of other ways in which an individual may become afflicted with the disease.

Drinking contaminated water in resorts and restaurants, for instance, has been among the most common causes of Hepatitis A. Unsanitary food service may also cause food items to be contaminated with hepatitis-causing viruses. Raw food items, such as shellfishes and clams, could also cause hepatitis A, especially if it came from polluted water sources.

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