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What you need to know about meningitis and its types

Posted on March 5, 2015 9:24 am under Medical Malpractice

Your central nervous system (the brain and the spinal cord) is covered with membranes called meninges. When these membranes become inflamed due to bacterial viral, or fungal infection, meningitis may occur. It is estimated that each year, 4,000 Americans suffer from bacterial meningitis while 10 in 100,000 suffer from viral meningitis.

Most cases of viral meningitis go away within a couple of weeks without treatment. Bacterial meningitis, on the other hand, is considered highly fatal and requires immediate medical attention. Cases of fungal meningitis are rare, although meningitis of this type may cause chronic meningitis and could also be life-threatening.

Because early signs and symptoms of meningitis often resemble those of a simple flu, a careful evaluation of the patient’s risks should be done to obtain accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, negligent medical care has been among the many reason of delayed or missed meningitis detection. If you believe medical malpractice in Wisconsin has caused you harm, a lawyer at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® might be able to represent you in a legal fight for justice and compensation. Call us at (414) 271-0900 to learn more about your options today.