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Preventing sexual assault with proper employee hiring and retention

Posted on March 24, 2015 4:49 pm under Sexual Assault

There have been many cases of sexual assault in the U.S. linked to reckless employee screening, improper employee supervision, and the failure to weed out employees that are at risk of making sexual threats against co-workers and customers. Unfortunately, such traumatizing incidents could have been prevented if the employer had not acted carelessly in hiring and keeping employees.

An employer has a duty of care to his customers and employees by making sure, to the best of his abilities, that the workers he hired pose no potential danger to anyone. This can be done through proper background checks to ensure that dangerous workers are rooted out of the selection. Screening should be more intensive for people who will have a lot of contact with others outside the office, such as delivery agents and repairmen. Finally, problem employees should also be weeded out of the workplace to ensure everyone’s safety.

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