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Are property owners always held responsible for underage drinking?

Posted on March 27, 2015 11:39 am under Drunk Driving Accident

In a 2004 case involving a family who was badly hurt by a driver below legal drinking age, the underage drinker consumed alcohol and became intoxicated with her underage friends on a property while the property owner was away. The plaintiff claimed that the property owner should also be held liable for damages, arguing that although he or she did not provide alcohol to the guests, an environment was permitted to exist where underage individuals could consume alcohol.

In this case, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the mere possession of property or knowledge of drinking would not hold an individual accountable, unless the property owner or an individual who knew drinking would happen actually provided the culprits with alcohol. The decision was made to prevent this type of claim from growing out of control, as it could lead to stricter legal liability among property owners for any underage individual drinking on their property.

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