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Understanding types of fractures

Posted on April 6, 2015 12:24 pm under Car Accidents

Broken bones or fractures affect more than 3 million individuals in the country every year. It could be a result of almost anything – an underlying medical condition, a bone’s normal wear and tear, sporting accidents, and more. Each year, a large number of fracture cases have also been associated with road accidents.

Although there are so many types of fractures, doctors usually classify broken bones based on these four categories:

  • Complete fracture – The bone breaks into two or more portions
  • Incomplete fracture – The bone is cracked but is not broken completely
  • Open fracture – Also called compound fracture, this type of fracture occurs when the bone protrudes outside the skin, creating an open wound
  • Closed fracture – Also called simple fracture, this type of fracture happens when the bone snaps but does not break through the skin

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