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Fire and explosion prevention

Posted on April 20, 2015 9:08 am under Fires and Explosions

Residential, commercial, and industrial fires and explosions are among the most common causes of injurious, sometimes even fatal accidents in the country. Some fires and explosions have been recorded to result from defective home and commercial products, while some cases have been attributed to human error. Whatever the causes might be, fires and explosions could result in tremendous damages to properties and lives.

To prevent fires and explosions, remember these tips:

  • Store only what you need – By limiting the amount of flammable materials in your home or workplace, you are eliminating the risk of fire-related incident.
  • Operate in a way that would limit and control ignition – Set a no-smoking policy in work areas where flammable materials can be found. Before cooking using a gas range, make sure that the appliance is free of any leaks.
  • Provide proper ventilation – Equip kitchens with exhaust fans. Make sure that store rooms are designed in a way that flammable gases will not exhaust back to the work site.

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