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Medical malpractice in anesthesiological care

Posted on May 19, 2015 4:25 pm under Medical Malpractice

Although some errors in anesthesiological care happen due to the patient’s inherent risk factors, some anesthesia complications could have been prevented if medical practitioners decided to act based on available medical knowledge and conventional professional practices. Some anesthesia errors that could have resulted from the failure to exercise duty of care are the following:

  • Wrong anesthesia dosage – Negligent or untrained medical practitioners may administer the wrong anesthesia dosage, which may cause damaging complications. Too much anesthesia, for instance, may induce a coma, while low anesthesia dosage may cause anesthesia awareness, or the feeling of pain during a surgical procedure.
  • Monitoring errors – Failure to turn on the pulse oximeter, which sets off an alarm when the patient’s oxygen level decreases abnormally, could be a sign of negligence. Leaving the patient unattended for an extended period may also result in complications.
  • Communication errors – Failure to inform the patient about what to do before the operation could pose complication risks. Also, failure to communicate about the patient’s medical condition prior to anesthesia administration may also cause concern.

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