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Search underway for suspect charged for fatal hit and run

Posted on June 25, 2015 7:20 pm under Wrongful Death

Milwaukee police are on the hunt for 21-year-old Jatavious Webster, who is facing three felony charges related to a fatal hit-and-run that occurred on May 22, FOX 6 reported on June 11.

According to the report, Webster ran a red light on 76th and Silver Spring in an Audi station wagon and struck a Chevy Cobalt that was making a legal turn onto 76th Street. After the collision, Webster and the three passengers in the Audi with him fled the scene on foot without stopping to check on the driver of the Cobalt or her passenger.

The injured driver was transported to Froedtert Hospital and treated for rib fractures and minor spine fractures, while her passenger, twenty-four year old Adrian McGoughy, died at the scene.

One of the unnamed passengers of the Audi came forward after the car accident and told police that the collision left him and the others confused and frightened, leading them to flee the scene.

Jatavious Webster was operating the Audi under a suspended driver’s license from an incident that took place in 2013. He was later suspended in February of 2014 for a failure to pay a fine from the Milwaukee Municipal Court. Webster has been charged with one felony count hit-and-run resulting in death, striking an occupied or attended vehicle causing great bodily harm, and one knowingly operating a vehicle with a suspended license, causing death. He faces as many as 46 years in prison and up to $160,000 in fines.