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What to do when the accelerator pedal is stuck

Posted on July 1, 2015 4:24 pm under Automotive Defects

Automotive giant Toyota has recently been under fierce criticism after failing to immediately recall the cars with loose floor mats that may pin down the accelerator pedal.  A forced-down accelerator pedal may cause your vehicle to speed uncontrollably and result in an injurious, sometimes even fatal crash.

If your car floor mat lodged onto your pedal, or if you feel that you have a sticky accelerator, remember these four steps to safety:

  1. Press the brake pedal firmly. Do not pump, which prevents the anti-lock braking system from working.
  2. Switch to neutral. This would help you coast to a stop.
  3. As you slow down, look for a safe site to pull over.
  4. Turn off the engine before checking your pedal.

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