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Google driverless vehicle accident caused by another driver’s error

Posted on August 4, 2015 6:39 pm under Car Accidents

A recent rear-end accident involving a Google driverless vehicle in California resulted in minor injuries, CNN reported on July 17.

According to reports, the two-vehicle collision happened on July 1 in Mountain View near the Google headquarters. Google’s self-driving car program head Chief Chris Urmson stated in a blog post that a vehicle struck the rear portion of the Google car. Urmson further explained that even though the traffic light had a go signal, the Google car was unable to proceed due to the slow moving vehicles in front of it. The driver that caused the collision complained of minor pain caused by whiplash. Urmson maintained that in the 14 collisions that Google driverless cars have so far been involved in, it has been the fault of other drivers every time.

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