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Intoxicated driver arrested in Milwaukee hit-and-run

Posted on August 5, 2015 4:58 pm under Drunk Driving Accident

An man in Milwaukee was recently arrested by police after he got involved in a hit-and-run accident while under the influence of alcohol, an August 4 article of Fox 6 reported.

Reports said Curt Smallish was arrested on August 3 by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s deputies after he got involved in a crash on the westbound lane of Interstate 94, Highway 100. Smallish, who was driving a vehicle with a 13-year-old child as a passenger, had a preliminary breath test of 0.10 percent. Though the vehicle struck by Smallish was occupied, no one suffered injuries in the collision. Smallish was charged for his 5th DUI violation and may serve 12 years in prison for his charges.

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