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470K Hyundai vehicles recalled in the US due to engine problems

Posted on September 27, 2015 7:48 pm under Automotive Defects

At least 470,000 Hyundai vehicles in the U.S. are being recalled by the manufacturer due to a manufacturing issue that may lead to sudden engine failure during operation, KCCI 8 reported on September 25.

Reports said the recall affects previous models of Hyundai Sonata vehicles that have 2 or 2.4 liter gas engines. According to the South Korean automaker, car accidents may occur if the engine suddenly stalls during operation as a result of the oil failing to reach the connecting rod bearings. Hyundai stated that the problem may have been caused by metal bits in the crankshaft that were not removed. Aside from the free inspection of the affected vehicles, Hyundai will also prolong the warranty of its engines for another 10 years. Owners of the affected vehicles should expect a repair notification from their dealers on November 2.

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