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The dangers of pulmonary embolism

Posted on September 27, 2015 11:49 am under Bard G2 IVC Filters

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sudden death is among the most common symptoms of pulmonary embolism (PE). In fact, the CDC estimated that 10% to 30% of people suffering from PE will die from the disease one month after diagnosis.

Other complications caused by PE include pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure in the lungs and in the right side of the heart. During pulmonary hypertension, the right portion of the heart needs to work harder to pump blood across the lungs. This may weaken the heart and cause heart complications.

Bard G2 IVC Filters are implants used to prevent PE-causing blood clots from travelling into the lungs. Unfortunately, the filter’s spider-like legs are known to break off, causing a host of different adverse effects, including pulmonary embolism. If you or your loved one has been harmed by this defective medical device, speak with our team of Milwaukee-based attorneys at Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® by calling (414) 271-0900 to learn more about the possibility of filing a legal claim.