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Second gas blast victim succumbed to burn injuries

Posted on October 29, 2015 6:47 pm under Fires and Explosions

The female who was recently transported at the University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison, due to serious burn injuries from a house blast caused by leaking gas has died, Beloit Daily News reported on October 14.

According to information coming from Dane County officials, Lydia Korsh, 64, succumbed to second degree and third degree burn injuries on the morning of Monday,  October 12.

Lydia’s husband, Valerio Korsh, died in the blast that took place in their home on the 3700 block of Moffett Road the day before. Sue Fiduccia, Winnebago County Coroner, stated that the cause of death for Mr. Korsh is suspected to be smoke inhalation, but that not all of the test results have returned from the autopsy yet.


Authorities suspected that a newly installed gas stove had a leak that caused the blast. Mrs. Korsh was apparently able to get out of the burning house and be transported to Rockford Memorial Hospital, but her wounds were to severe and she was airlifted to the University Hospital where she later died. Fire crews in Rockton were assisted by fire fighters coming from 14 other departments.