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2016 GSX-S1000 recalled by Suzuki

Posted on December 16, 2015 3:55 pm under Product Liability

MotoUSA reported on December 14 that Suzuki Motor of America issued a recall for approximately 600 units of their 2016 GSX-S1000, GSX-S1000A, and GSX-S1000FA motorcycle models due to potentially faulty brakes. According to a statement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the brake fluid from the front brake caliper of the recalled units may leak.

A defect notice submitted to the NHTSA by Suzuki stated that there is potential damage on the seal groove surface in the brake piston cylinder, and it may cause the leak of brake fluid. The problem may be rooted from the application of surface treatment to the brake caliper by the manufacturer’s supplier. Insufficient sealing may have caused the liquid to penetrate the brake piston cylinder and damage the surface condition.

The recalled motorcycles were manufactured from July 8 to July 29, 2015 (GSX-S1000), July 10 to August 24, 2015 (GSX-S1000A), and July 21 to July 27, 2015 (GSX-S1000FA).

Owners of said motorcycles may contact their Suzuki dealers for a replacement of the front brake caliper.

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