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Two medical malpractice claims settled in Wisconsin

Posted on January 16, 2016 8:52 pm under Medical Malpractice

In an article published on January 9, the Journal Sentinel reported that two cases of medical malpractice in Wisconsin have reached a settlement. Reports said Deshawn Gray, 28, and the estate of Colleen Daniels were compensated after the plaintiffs and the hospital officials reached an agreement.

Gray was awarded $2.1 million from the hospital where his leg was wrongfully amputated after a motorcycle accident. Daniels’ estate was given an undisclosed amount after her death in 2011. Daniels was hospitalized after a car accident and had a breathing tube erroneously placed in her esophagus rather than her wind pipe. Despite the fact that other medical professionals at the hospital tried to call her doctor’s attention to the mistake and asked him to remove the breathing tube, he refused.

While the maximum settlement for a medical malpractice case in Wisconsin had been limited to $750,000, a local attorney was able to successfully challenge the limit in order to provide an avenue for more adequate settlement amounts for those who have been hurt by medical professionals.

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