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Over 50k faulty bike hubs sold in the U.S. and Canada recalled

Posted on March 18, 2016 11:37 am under Product Liability

A Chicago-based company is recalling an estimated 54,000 defective bicycle hubs distributed in the U.S. and Canada that could cause injuries to bicyclists, according to a March 16 report from cpsc.gov.

The recall notice stated that the “Zipp 88” aluminum front hubs from SRAM have potentially faulty flanges that may break during operation. Bicyclists who have the recalled front hubs are at risk of suffering physical injuries if the hubs break during use.

At least one consumer has complained to SRAM of front hub failure leading to wheel collapse. SRAM and federal authorities have not yet received any notice of injuries occurring. The recalling company stated that consumers should refrain from using their bicycles while waiting for free front hub replacements from dealers.

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