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Organic baby food that may cause illness recalled in the U.S.

Posted on March 28, 2016 11:23 am under Defective Food Product

According to an article from CNN, a well-known baby food and products company recently issued a recall of some of their organic baby foods that may cause illness due to faulty packaging.

Reports said that Gerber Products Company is recalling various flavors of “Gerber Organic 2nd Foods” packed in defective pouches. Though there are already three cases of “temporary gastrointestinal symptoms” linked to the recalled baby foods, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not confirmed the cases.

In a statement, Gerber’s President Gary Tickle said that the food contained in the pouches may have an unusual taste due to bloating. Bloating of the pouches could happen during the handling or transportation of the products. Parents can get information regarding the specific recalled products by calling Gerber’s Parents Resource Center.

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