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Wisconsin working to reduce fatal workplace accidents on roadways

Posted on April 15, 2016 10:42 am under Construction Accident

The state of Wisconsin is creating awareness to hopefully reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on roadways where construction workers and other pedestrians are present, a report on wearegreenbay.com reported on April 12.

The article stated that “Work Zone Awareness Week” is ongoing in this season in which many roadway construction projects are expected. At least three of the 2,400 road fatalities recorded in 2015 were construction workers working on the state’s roadways.

Karen Burkhalter’s spouse Derrick, who was a road worker in Calumet County, was among the fatalities recorded last year. Derrick died after the sweeper he was operating was struck from behind by another vehicle. Karen noted that the construction accident happened even though construction zone warnings were present and her spouse was on the side of the road. Wisconsin authorities, unfortunately, admitted that such accidents do happen even though construction zone signage, road markings, and social media outlets are being utilized to bring awareness and encourage safety.