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Fiat Chrysler Issues Recall

Posted on April 29, 2016 7:54 am under Product Liability

Across the globe, 1.1 million cars are being recalled by Fiat Chrysler, mostly affecting full sized cars and SUVs in the United States. The recall was issued after the company became aware that some drivers were becoming confused by the vehicles’ automatic transmission design, resulting in injuries.

In certain vehicles, the lever that electronically shifts the gear returns to the same starting position each time that gears are shifted, rather than staying in a designated position indicating that the car is in park, drive, etc. To be sure that the car is actually in park, the driver has to look at an electronic screen. Many people have incorrectly believed that they shifted their car into park and have exited their vehicles, only for their cars to begin moving. The confusion has caused at least 41 reported injuries so far.

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