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A Call for More Careful Driving this Construction Season

Posted on May 29, 2016 1:28 pm under Car Accidents

With the beginning of spring and warm weather, Wisconsin can expect a rollout of road construction activities. Because of this increase in activity, drivers should make sure to exercise increased caution when driving near construction zones to protect those working on these sites.

Pierce County Highway Commissioner Chad Johnson announced that an important bill – Assembly Bill 198 – was signed into law on March 30, 2016. It penalizes a person who drives a motor vehicle and at the same time uses a cellular phone or other wireless telephone or communication device in construction zones or work utility areas, except when used to report an emergency.

The United States Department of Transportation reported that in 2014 there were 114 fatal construction accidents across the country. Deaths due to such accidents have remained stable since 2003 with the lowest year reporting 101 deaths (2008) and the highest reporting 165 deaths (2005). The average number of deaths for that 12 year period is around 120 fatalities per year – or around one every three days.

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