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Advocacy group promotes safe driving in Milwaukee

Posted on June 7, 2016 4:36 pm under Car Accidents

Groups of people picketed intersections and roadways in Milwaukee on Saturday, June 4 to promote safe driving all over the county. Participants held up signs and reminded drivers to slow down, pay attention, and “stop and live.”

Motorists honked horns in appreciation of the message and seemed to agreeably receive the picketers. Grasslyn Manor resident Steve O’Connell said most accidents stem from motorists who do not follow traffic rules, noting, “So many people run our lights.” O’Connell encouraged other residents of Milwaukee to be proactive when it comes to policing the streets to rid the roads of traffic violators and to report incidents of traffic violations. The demonstrations were attended by residents from Sherman Park, Dineen Park, and Grasslyn Manor.

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