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Former Madison basketball coach convicted in sexual assault case

Sexual Assault

Shelton Kingcade, a former coach of the West High girls basketball team, was found guilty of the repeated sexual assault of a child and second degree sexual assault of a child. Kingcade was sentenced after a trial to at least 10 years in prison.

Authorities claim that Kingcade sexually assaulted two teenage girls in the 1990’s, one of whom played on the middle school team he coached during that time. One of the girls took back her accusations, but the other stood by her accusations during the trial. At the sentencing hearing on Thursday, Kingcade claimed, “I strive to get better. A better person, a better father, a better role model, a better friend, a better community member.” Judge William Hanrahan was unconvinced by the statements, telling Kingcade “You exploited their trust. You exploited our trust. You were expected to be their protector, but you turned out to be a predator.”

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