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Woman decides to speak up about moldy furniture

Posted on June 29, 2016 11:14 am under Product Liability

According to Deana Ritzman, shortly before she left for Army basic training in 2013, she realized the furniture she had inside a unit at Storage Masters on South Moorland Road for nine months had developed a disgusting amount of mold. Ritzman was more upset that the owners of the company would do nothing to help her.

CBS 58 tried talking to the owner and the Chief Operating Officer of the unit and they reportedly claimed that Ritzman had not picked a climate-controlled unit. Hours later, Ritzman got a call from Storage Master saying they would work with her to resolve her issue. “They have since said that I had a protection plan that I’ve been paying for which will pay me out $2,500 and they will also refund the payment that was taken out for $145 and, in addition to that, they are willing to remove my ruined belongings,” she said.

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