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Asbestos Removed from University of Wisconsin-Madison Housing Units

Posted on July 13, 2016 4:48 pm under Premises Liability

A UW-Madison graduate student was alarmed when she began noticing construction crews removing traces of asbestos from a university-owned apartment complex.

Amy Jancewicz and other residents of the University Houses, a university-owned apartment complex for students and faculty members, received a letter stating there was to be a scheduled abatement but was not told the reason. As construction work began, Jancewicz noticed signs of asbestos being removed from the property. Jancewicz, a graduate student, currently lives in the University Houses with her husband and two children. She is, above all, concerned about the possible implications of living near asbestos for her children which include elevated cancer risks and mesothelioma.

The university housing officials claim that there was no need to disclose whether or not asbestos removal was happening to their residents. The asbestos removal is said to be part of a larger construction project for the apartments and that all necessary precautions are being taken. Housing officials are sorry for the miscommunication and retain that their residents’ health is safe.

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