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FDA: Raw cookie dough unsafe to eat

Posted on July 28, 2016 3:21 pm under Defective Food Product

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reiterates that it’s not safe to eat raw cookie dough or batter, even if it doesn’t contain eggs, due to a recent E. coli outbreak that can be traced back to the raw flour.

38 people so far across 20 states have been affected by this outbreak and parents are warned to avoid homemade recreational clay and dough, as the E. coli bacteria can be transmitted through their children’s hands.

In a voluntary recall, General Mills pulled 10 million pounds of flour from the shelf in the form of Gold Medal, Signature Kitchen’s, and Gold Medal Wondra brand names.

Common symptoms experienced by those affected include diarrhea that is often bloody and abdominal cramps. According to the FDA, most people recover within a week.

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