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Hotel near Lake Michigan Shut Down

Posted on July 29, 2016 5:40 pm under Premises Liability

A waterfront hotel in Kenosha was shut down by the fire department after several irregularities, including exposed wires, blocked fire exits, and an illegal apartment in the basement was found.

“On the lower level… we found an apartment… an illegal apartment that was walled off inappropriately with no windows with no proper ventilation,” an official commented. Because it was the only hotel in downtown Kenosha, the fire department has reported facing backlash in response to the closure. The furthest complaints received were from people in California, upset that they could not be in Kenosha during the Fourth of July weekend.

This is the second hotel shut down by the Kenosha Fire Department in an 18-month period and the department says the hotel will not be allowed to re-open until the building is up to standard and the fourth floor is completely built. Hotel officials have refused an interview but did state that they would fix the issues so that they’d be able to re-open.

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