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Facts about Salmonella

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Salmonella is the name of a bacteria that is the common cause of “food poisoning,” a foodborne illness. Salmonella is estimated to cause 1 million cases of illness in the United States each year.

Some facts to know about Salmonella:

  1. Salmonella exists in a variety of foods – chicken, vegetables, eggs, fruits, sprouts, beef, pork, and even processed foods can contain traces of Salmonella.
  2. Illness caused by Salmonella, while usually not serious, can be more dangerous for some groups – food poisoning can last anywhere from 4-7 days and does not require antibiotic treatment. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. Those with weak immune systems are at a higher risk.
  3. For every confirmed case of Salmonella in the lab, there are about 29 unconfirmed cases –
  4. Illness caused by Salmonella occurs more in the summer – with increased incidences of leaving perishable and prepared food out of a refrigerator, illness is more likely to occur. Get all food in a refrigerator within 2 hours.
  5. Never eat raw or barely cooked eggs – cooking food at an appropriate temperature reduces the number of bacteria in the food.
  6. Remember to follow clean, separate, cook, and chill guidelines.

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