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Woman sues restaurant responsible for E. coli outbreak

Posted on August 3, 2016 12:09 pm under Defective Food Product

A Chicago woman, who was one victim to an E. coli outbreak that has now affected 50 people, has filed a civil suit against the responsible restaurant – a Carbon Live Fire Mexican Grill in Bridgeport. The restaurant is currently closed due to the outbreak, which started with only 25 affected people.

The woman, Melissa Andrews, is seeking the minimum amount needed to establish jurisdiction in her county: $30,000. In her complaint, Andrews said she ordered three chicken tacos, chips, and salsa on June 22 and six days later, her symptoms became so intolerable that she was forced to go to an urgent care center. They ordered her to go to a hospital for a CT scan, which indicated heavy inflammation of the colon and appendix. She stayed under observation at the hospital and was only released when she was once again able to eat solid food on July 1.

Officials are remaining at the Mexican grill to investigate and interview patients in order to rule out any type of cross-contamination. An alert was issued to healthcare providers in the area to be prepared for affected people.

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