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Gurnee propane storage facility catches fire after blasts

Fires and Explosions

At least 30 fire departments from Illinois and Wisconsin recently responded in Gurnee after a huge fire broke out at a propane gas storage facility, an article of the Chicago Tribune reported on July 29.

According to reports, an unusual “seven-alarm fire” was called on July 28 after several small propane tank containers erupted inside Pinnacle Propane Express. Reports revealed that no one sustained injuries from the explosion and fire, but employees and visitors of nearby establishments were displaced while fire crews extinguished the blaze. The small tanks were close to at least two huge propane tanks that fire crews managed to prevent from exploding. A spokesperson for Pinnacle, who was grateful for the quick response of fire crews, said they were cooperating with authorities to identify what caused the blast and how to keep it from happening in the future.

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