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Pedestrian accidents rampant in Wisconsin

Posted on August 5, 2016 12:09 pm under Pedestrian Accident

In a recent article of OnMilwaukee, Wisconsin Bike Fed ambassador Tom Held said that Wisconsin is a state where a lot of people are hustling and bustling about, both in vehicles and while walking. The pervasive car culture, he says, probably contributes to the high number of pedestrian accidents. He noted, “This is a case where, although you don’t want to draw too many conclusions, the prevailing sentiment is convenience and getting to a destination faster is becoming more and more how people are driving.”

Just this April, 32-year-old Thai biochemistry doctoral candidate Rattanawadee Kotewong was hit by an SUV while crossing the road to get to the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She lost her life during this incident. Ellie Bradish, who works at Medical College, sees a lot of close calls on the school’s nearby roads. Bradish said, “It has a lot to do with cell phones. I also think our city streets just simply have more traffic and that adds to it, too.”

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