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Condo in west Madison caught fire after a lightning strike

Fires and Explosions

Firefighters were called to investigate a west Madison condo that had been struck by lightning on Thursday, July 21.

The Madison Fire Department was already in the area in response to another emergency caused by the storm when they received the call. Both the caller and the firefighters reported a distinct smell of smoke, but when the firefighters climbed up to the roof to investigate, they found nothing. There was no visible sign of fire or even a lightning strike with their thermal camera.

Firefighters retreated about half a block before they were able to see the fire on the exterior of the second floor. The fire was extinguished by 8:54 p.m. and firefighters reported light smoke damage to the interior of the building. The bathroom received most of the damage, but no other reports of fire or damage were recorded in the rest of the unit. The residents of the building were not home for the duration of the incident.

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