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Two ride-sharing drivers arrested, one because of sexual assault

Posted on August 15, 2016 2:28 pm under Sexual Assault

In two separate incidents, Uber drivers were arrested over the weekend of July 23.

A Palo Alto man was arrested in California when allegations of sexual assault made by a female passenger were raised against him. She told police that her driver had made unwarranted advances of a sexual nature toward her and refused to stop the car when she asked.

A second driver in Chicago was pulled over when he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He was arrested when the officers found marijuana and a loaded weapon, which he didn’t have the proper permits for, in his car. The man was also had a previous felony conviction and it was unclear if Uber was aware of this or not.

Austin, Texas voters passed a law mandating fingerprinting in ride sharing services and Uber and Lyft quickly left the area to protest. The basis of this ruling is that fingerprints are more thorough than Uber’s standard name-based checks. Uber believes that fingerprinting is both discriminatory and time-consuming, but has faced multiple lawsuits. The service, which used to advertise itself as the “safest ride on the road,” has stopped making such claims and has paid more that $50 million to settle these many suits.

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