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7 dead, dozens injured in Maryland apartment blast

Posted on August 18, 2016 1:05 pm under Fires and Explosions

At least seven people were killed and 31 others sustained injuries in Maryland in a recent apartment complex blast and fire caused by a leaking gas line, an article of nbcwashington.com reported on August 16.

Reports said a huge blast on August 10 took place at an apartment complex in the 8700 block of Arliss Street in Silver Spring. Responding authorities initially recovered six bodies, but another one was found after several days. Some residents of Flower Branch Apartments reportedly detected odors of the gas moments before the blast happened. Some of the injured individuals sought psychological assistance while other families had to evacuate their homes.

The Montgomery County Emergency Services advised occupants of a nearby building to notify them if they detected any problems with their gas line. A person living nearby the blast said that many families were unable to sleep because of the fear created by the blast. Investigating authorities are expected to release their findings soon.