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DOC custodian inadvertently mixes dangerous chemicals

Premises Liability

A Department of Corrections custodian accidentally mixed dangerous chemicals while cleaning on Tuesday, August 30th.

The Madison Fire Department arrived at the DOC headquarters building at 3099 E. Washington Ave. at 5:32 p.m. following reports of a chemical spill. Paramedics also came when the Dane County 911 Communications Center learned someone in the building was having difficulty breathing. The fire department said the custodian was preparing to clean the toilets when she mixed lemon bleach and toilet bowl cleaner, a deadly combination of chemicals according to fire officials. Upon realizing what she did, she threw the solution down the sink and left the building.

Paramedics examined the custodian while firefighters checked on the building hazards. Though a slight odor of chlorine in the utility room and adjoining hallway was still present, firefighters determined the hazard had already been controlled. The building was not evacuated, and the odor disappeared naturally.

The custodian refused to visit the hospital, but paramedics advised her to undergo further medical evaluation.