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Fire destroys Lincoln School building

Fires and Explosions

A deserted school building in Brown County’s Town of Rockland caught fire early Monday morning, September 5, and burnt entirely to the ground.

Firefighters were called around 2:30 a.m. to the building at the intersection of Old Martin and Ryan Roads and upon arrival, the school was already entirely covered in the flames. The structure of the old schoolhouse was very unsound so crews had to use a backhoe to clear out hotspots. Mark Decleene, Assistant Chief with the Greenleaf Fire Department, said in a statement, “Being a larger building, larger structure, there’s a lot of interior walls. It’s an old school house so there’s a lot of interior walls that, a lot of basically rooms in there, compartments we can’t get at without taking it apart with a high hoe.” The cause of the fire is still not certain. Erected since 1922, it was used as the Town Hall until 1999.

Decleene did not comment on what might’ve started the fire.

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