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Recall: United Copper Metal Clad Cable

Posted on September 17, 2016 5:10 pm under Product Liability

As of August 30, 2016, United Copper Inc., of Denton, Texas announced the recall of 57,000 units of Metal Clad (MC) aluminum armored cables due to the risk of fire or shock.

Product description: 12/2 metal-encased aluminum armored cabling distributed in 250-foot or 1,000-foot spools and generally installed behind walls, connecting the circuit breaker panel to a 120-volt wall outlet or lighting switch. The date code would’ve been printed in an MMMYY format on a tag attached to the cable when it was purchased. They were distributed at Electrical distributors nationwide from August 2015 through November 2015.

If the coating is damaged, the risk of fire or shock increases dramatically. If you suspect that the wiring in your home or office is a part of the recall, contact United Copper immediately for inspection and potential re-installation.

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