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Substandard conditions reported at Wisconsin Veterans Home

Posted on September 17, 2016 5:58 pm under Nursing Home Abuse

A report of substandard conditions at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King was published by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services, which included investigators’ observations, staff statements, and record details.

One of the interviews with family members of a patient noticed a bruise under the right eye of the resident. The report further revealed leg and rib injuries in two other patients – home member number one had fractures in their distal tibia and fibula while member number 19 had two fractured ribs.

Further unfavorable conditions in the form of unsanitary practices resulted in an outbreak of gastrointestinal illnesses that affected 52 people over the period between March of last year and this January with one of eight illnesses. One veteran services officer that works at King, Steve Dykes, said that his specific patients had not experienced such problems – nonetheless, Dykes continues to be in support of a full audit of the home.

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